Report: 20 million U.S. jobs were lost in April

DULUTH, GEORGIA — 20 million jobs in the private sectors alone were lost last month, according to a report released Wednesday by payroll processing company, ADP.

The latest unemployment numbers set to come out on Friday will likely be the highest on the U.S. record.

But analysts say even that figure will probably not reflect the scale of joblessness in the country. Those who were laid off in the past few weeks and did not look for jobs were not counted as unemployed.

Economists are predicting the worst unemployment rate for April — around 15 percent or higher, far worse since the Great Depression.

Christopher Castro is among the 30 million who filed for unemployment beneifts since the coronavirus began to shut down the economy.

“Sa una, parang natakot ako. Pero sabi naman nila, may unemployment naman, then after that i ha hire naman din kami.”

Castro is now helping out with this family’s eatery in Duluth, that recently reopened after closing for almost two months.

Castro said despite being closed for business, rent for the space still had to be paid.

Former small business administration Lendor- Allen McCurry told ABS CBN News – he believes restaurants took the biggest hit in this pandemic.

“One of my clients here in Atlanta, Georgia, according to the PPP program, he has to hire back all 40 of his cooks, waiters, waitresses, bar staff.  Well, no one can sit at the bar. If he hires all 40 people, how does he keep the 6 feet rule? And with the other regulation which is really crippling him, is that he can only have 50 people in the restaurant.  So if 40 of them are employees, he can only have 10 clients. How does he make money? How does it make sense for him?”

Eateries across the country allowed to reopen have other strict guidelines to follow, leaving many to keep their doors closed instead.

According to National Restaurant Association, 50 thousand restaurants could close down permanently due to the pandemic causing the 8 million restaurant workers already laid off to be on the unemployment line much longer than the shutdown.

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