Rep. TJ Cox named to Congressional agricultural committee

BAKERSFIELD, CA — After Republican representation for over 30 years, Fil-Am Democratic Congressman TJ Cox marks a new political chapter in California’s 21st congressional district, which includes large portions of California’s Central Valley.

Cox returned to his district this past weekend.

“It’s fantastic; there’s so much enthusiasm about changing America, and having a Congress that works for the people and now with the Democratic majority, we’ve got that opportunity.”

Among those that helped push his campaign labor leader Dolores Huerta.

Some committee work already awaits Cox. He’s been named to the agricultural committee, which may be a perfect fit for the former engineer who represents one of the country’s largest farming regions.

The Committee oversees issues including renewable energy, rural development, nutrition, and many farming related topics.

“It was my first choice, it’s a committee that I can use to work on the issues that matter to the people here in the 21st congressional district.”

While Cox who has a background in engineering looks forward to the groundwork, the government shutdown has slowed down some of those plans.

As Cox returned to Washington DC this week, he’s been trying to find ways to ease the burden on federal workers, his Immediate Relief for Federal Employees Act has already gotten 87 co-sponsors, as of this week.

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