Rep. Leni Robredo defends PNoy, discusses political future during US trip

SAN FRANCISCO – In her first trip to the United States on official business, Congresswoman Leni Gerona-Robredo of Camarines Sur feels that now more than ever is the time for kababayans to rally behind the Philippine government.

An administration ally, Robredo disagrees with calls for President Noynoy Aquino’s resignation over the failed Mamasapano anti-terror mission, especially with one year remaining in his term.

“He’s not the perfect president,” said Robredo. “He may have had mistakes but we have to be well aware of the fact that we are where we are now because of also the gains we have benefited from his reform agenda.”

As the widow of Aquino’s former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, the congresswoman has gained much popularity herself.

The photo of her taking the bus going home went viral, further cementing her image as a humble public servant like her late husband.

“The more simple your lifestyle is the more people will be assured that you will be able to maintain the kind of person you have been when you first entered government service and I think we need more public servants like that, public servants that can empathize with the plight of the ordinary Filipino,” said Robredo. “We do not need public officials with a great sense of entitlement.”

In the latest Pulse Asia survey, Robredo was ranked tenth out of the top ten vice presidential preferences for the 2016 elections. But she downplays any vice presidential ambitions.

“While I would not turn my back on any calls to be of service I am more realistic in the sense I do not think I am the answer to the needs of the nation as of yet,” said Robredo. “There are so many other public officials who are experienced.”

With one the fastest growing economies in all of Asia, Robredo says the success of the future of the country also depends on Filipinos abroad.

“I feel at no other time in our history would we need more Filipinos especially those from outside to be supportive of our fight against corruption,” said Robredo.

Robredo also appeals to second and third generation Filipino Americans because despite growing up in the United States she says they should still be aware of current events in the Philippines.

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