Rep. Judy Chu calls for protection of gunned down American activist in the Philippines

It’s been nearly a month since Chinese American activist Brandon Lee was gunned down in the Philippines’ Ifugao province.

As he remains in critical condition, one U.S. lawmaker is hoping to intervene.

Congresswoman Judy Chu, who represents California’s 27th District, is the chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

She is calling on the US embassy in the Philippines to protect Lee and his family and to investigate the shooting.

“I am calling on the US embassy in Manila to do everything they can to ensure Brandon’s safety, and take measures to protect him and other Americans in the Philippines, our entire government must not only condemn the attempted murder of Mr. Lee but the violent actions of the Duterte government as well, tragically it’s not just Brandon who was in danger,” said Rep. Judy Chu.

Lee’s relatives claim that Lee continues to be harassed despite being hospitalized, and he has not been able to get assistance from the U.S. embassy or local Philippine officials.

“We need immediate safety for Brandon, we need protection for him and his family now,” said Lauren Quirarte. “And while they return home to the US and the hospital of choice in San Francisco and we need to bring justice to his perpetrators.”

Activists are calling for the US government to look deeper into the issue, and investigate U.S. military aid.

“We want to encourage congress to put a Moratorium on US military aid to the Philippines seeing how that aid is funding these human rights violations through this budding dictatorship in the Philippines,” said Audine Tayag.

As friends and activists wait for Lee to return home to San Francisco, they have been managed to raise over $31,000 through GoFundMe to help Lee recover from his near-death experience.

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