Remembering Typhoon Haiyan, five years later

Five years ago, the world saw one of the deadliest typhoons in history as Yolanda wreaked havoc in the eastern Philippines.

And a half decade later, US-based Filipinos still remember the devastation.

“Five years ago seems to be just a Blink of an eye, I was there the day after, Yolanda and I saw bodies really still laying down in the streets of Tacloban,” said Bobby Aguilos, chairman of the An Taclobanan Association of Southern California.

Members of the An Taclobanon Association of Southern California held a mass and vigil to remember the victims and families devastated by Yolanda.

They also used the mass to give thanks for those who have weathered the storm.

“None of my realities fortunately was injured, or part of the disaster their houses have not gone down and none of my relatives died or part of the casualty so I’m happy for that, I’m thanking God for giving them the chance to stay.”

In the five years since the tragedy, US-based Taclobanons have been pitching in on the rebuilding efforts.

“The impact of Yolanda cannot be addressed in bite-sized thing, its a long-running impact it. It impacted the community, socioeconomic status, health education, and practically the way of life so many of us, we’re able to visit. The houses are the businesses are back, schools are back they’re still behind the scenery. What I can see there’s still the poverty which is caused by Yolanda experience 5 years ago.”

The An Taclobanon Association of Southern California still continues fundraising efforts year round, and plan on holding another medical mission by 2020.


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