Remembering Mia Lobo, 5-year-old Pinay who died from influenza complications

PALATINE, IL — “The doctor said to let it run its course, but we let it run its course, unfortunately, the course ended up with her going in a coma and eventually passing away,” said Dominic Lobo.

Lobo’s five-year-old daughter, Mia, died due to flu-related complications last April 21st.

He and his wife Apple, both of them nurses, say everything happened within nine days.

“As we were feeding her, we noticed that she was unable to eat and drink and talk properly. We tried to stand her up; right there, she collapsed. We rushed her to the ER. She had a lung seizure.”

Mia did not respond to medications, and tests showed irreversible damage to her brain — Dominic and Apple, who are parents to three kids, had to make the hardest decision a parent could ever face.

“Unfortunately, the virus involved her brain. She could not breathe without the machine or have any vital functions without it.”

Cases of H1N1, the strain of influenza that Mia caught, were reported widely across the country during this year’s flu season.

But Dominic says deadly cases like mia’s are rare.

“According to the doctors, 1 in a half million odds of her getting this.”

Mia, who wanted to be a doctor, has donated her kidneys to two patients.

“We lost one life but then we gained two lives.”

While the road to healing for the Lobo family will be a long one, Mia’s parents say they’ll always cherish their lost child.

You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

“We love you always and forever. I will never forget you. You’re always in our hearts.”


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