Remains of Las Vegas Filipina who mysteriously died in Fiji with her husband finally returned to loved ones

LAS VEGAS — The long wait is over for the family and loved ones of 35-year old Pinay, Michelle Calanog Paul. They’ve been waiting for her remains to be brought back from Fiji to the U.S. for over two months now.

Michelle and her husband, David Paul, were on their dream vacation in Nadi, Fiji, when they became ill and died mysteriously.

“The rest is knowing what happened that is secondary for me. The rest in peace is more important for us as a family.”

For now, this closed casket serves as some form of closure for the Calanog family.

“It feels ok, now I know that she’s here. At least the only thing is we wanna know what happened to them. And until now we don’t know yet.”

From Fiji, Michelle’s body was checked in at Dover air force base in Delaware, before flying back to las vegas.

“The report was they just reconfirm what the issue was: that infectious disease was ruled out and then the Australian agency who tested it for toxicology, they didn’t find any evidence of poisoning, they eliminated the paraquat I think. So they ruled that out. They rule out the food poisoning, they found some muffins beverages, slice of pizza — the FDA checked it, there’s nothing there.”

Marc Calanog added that although the CDC and the Australian agency of toxicology have ruled out food poisoning and infectious disease as the cause of death, the findings of Dover base is still ‘inconclusive’.

This means that the U.S. government agency continues on with their investigation.

“[The] evidence may not be there, so we are still hoping the FBI are still doing something that will help us with the final conclusion.”

They have not told me that well, we have done our part. The only thing I have heard from them is they are still working on it. “

The Calanog family is still waiting for the personal belongings of Michelle and David. As of this broadcast, the ministry of Fiji has yet to return all of them, except for the couple’s house and car keys.

Meanwhile, the calanog family is thankful for their friends and family who supported them during their time of grief.

The couple’s bodies will be cremated and buried together in vegas.

Michelle and David’s, 2-year-old son, Aidan, will remain under the custody of Michelle’s parents, Marc and Juliet Calanog.

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  • Sidneyconavas
    2 August 2019 at 11:59 pm - Reply

    T his is a very sad moment fot all of us.what we should do right now is PRAY and magkaroon nang justice ang pka matay niya