“Remains” novel commemorates 6th anniversary of super typhoon Haiyan

CARSON, CA — It’s been six years since Super Typhoon Haiyan, or Super Typhoon Yolanda, hit the Philippines, particularly decimating Tacloban City in the Visayas — and since then, thousands of homes and businesses have been rebuilt and communities have flourished once again. 

But the stories of loss continue to be told.

The fictional book “Remains” was inspired by the true events of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

While Tacloban City author and journalist Darryl Delgado only began putting the novel together in 2017, she had unknowingly begun writing it as a journalist while covering the disaster in 2013.

“It never crossed my mind to write a novel a fictional story about typhoon Haiyan because so many stories need to be told about that typhoon and I didn’t think a novel was necessary to tell the story and I was working on another novel, and entirely different novel and images from that typhoon just kept coming up.”

And while the story hits close to home for Delgado — she knows anyone can identify with any calamity hitting their area.

“The book is set in Tacloban City, my hometown, in the aftermath of the strong typhoon, it’s a novel so you’re following the story this one woman but in between her journey, you meet at least 7 different characters. And they’re supposed to represent a cross section of society.”

The dream is that even if you’re writing about a specific experience, you hope that it is understood on a universal level, and like what you said, it’s happening everywhere, and the experience of people is the same because of where they are in the world.

Delgado recently launched her book in Los Angeles where she met with many members of the Tacloban community.

As the Eastern Visayan city continues to rebuild six years after one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded, Delgado believes this event was one way to help with the healing process, with proceeds going to Paddle Search. 

Paddle Search is an annual event put on by local paddlers that commemorates Super Typhoon Haiyan.

“They’re working with fishing communities, they’re building boats, they’re teaching children to use our natural resources, our water resources in a way that protect the environment that protects the water.

While the book is already available in the Philippines, Delgado is working on bringing it to the US, hoping to continue sharing the story of the lives affected by the disaster.

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