Relaxing in Alabang’s eco-friendly Azumi Boutique Hotel

Seated within the ever-fashionable Alabang in Muntinlupa City, ­­Philippines, is an accommodation known for its chic interiors and amenities, the Azumi Boutique Hotel.  

Upon checking in, take a quick rest in the waiting area amidst the soft and sophisticated set of modern Queen Anne chairs partnered with the European-inspired wall display.

But the hotel’s elegance isn’t just its highlight, as it is one of the city’s most eco-friendly accommodations around.

“We’re 100% LED, all of our air-conditioning systems are inverse. We’ve strategically placed the air-conditioning when needed where it’s really needed basically so minimizing our carbon footprint so it’s extremely energy efficient. The rooms we have floor to ceiling windows, so we take advantage of natural lighting so again minimizing use of electricity,” said the hotel’s general manager, John David Cruz.

“We use eco-friendly bath amenities.  All the packages are biodegradable. We try to minimize the use any of any waste so reduce, recycle and reuse.”

The hotel’s pool is also to dive for. Enjoy an amazing skyline view, while taking a dip through the carefully filtered salt water, ensuring safety from harmful chemicals, giving a breather to those with sensitive skin.

Hungry yet? Romulo Cafe is not just a great place for mouthwatering dishes, but for relaxing amidst artsy interiors as well. After you indulge in your cravings, drop by the Nail Spa, where you can have your nails polished and pampered.

“Being a boutique hotel it’s really intimate so it’s not a grandiose property. Since we keep it intimate, so as the service. Small space means personalized service.”

For a place that values not only their guests, but also the environment, head on over to Azumi Boutique Hotel.

Until next time, enjoy your travels!

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    1 September 2017 at 11:38 pm - Reply

    For now, it is really good that we are talking about eco friendly establishments in the Philippines as it benefits certain oligarchs or politicians pocket. However, when the overwhelming garbage start piling up more than you could ever imagine, little do we know how to handle it.