Registered sex offender Filipino awaits jail time after conviction of gross lewdness

LAS VEGAS — A Filipino man awaits sentencing after being convicted of open lewdness or gross lewdness, after pleading guilty to touching his own girlfriend’s daughter’s chest.

The victim, who was a 17 year old, told the police that she was assaulted by her own mother’s boyfriend, and offered her $500 to have sex.

Armando Maliwat is scheduled to appear before the district court of Nevada on April 24th for sentencing, after entering a guilty plea of open to one charge of gross lewdness.

In a police report obtained by BA from the Clark County justice court, it was January 2018 when Maliwat’s girlfriend’s daughter called the police and said that she was a victim of an assault by her mother’s live-in boyfriend.

The victim says Maliwat went to her room to comfort her after she argued with her boyfriend.

Records say Maliwat tried to hug her, whispered to her that he likes her, and then offered the victim money to have sex with him.

The victim says Maliwat grabbed her breast. She says she pushed Maliwat away and he pretended that nothing happened.

The victim then called the counselor of this school and texted her boyfriend’s mother, saying that she didn’t feel safe living at her house.


The victim called her own mother and told her what Maliwat did to her, but Maliwat denied talking to the victim.

With the Tagalog interpreter present, Maliwat entered and signed this guilty plea agreement to open gross lewdness by using his hand to touch the victim’s breast or chest area.


Fil-Am criminal defense attorney Cesar Almasse who is not representing Maliwat, explains that although open gross lewdness is a misdemeanor. Maliwat is not yet free from any jail time enforced by the state.

“Gross misdemeanor which carries up to 364 days in jail, it’s not a serious as a felony but its still a crime that could prosecuted.”

Part of Armando Maliwat’s penalty is to register as a sex offender within 48 hours of his release from custody.


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