Reducing vehicle emissions, car costs by 2020

The Trump administration proposed freezing fuel efficiency standards at 2020 levels — removing the requirement that cars and light trucks be able to travel more than 46 miles per gallon by 2026.

The ‘2020 standard’ would be around 32 miles per gallon.

According to the administration, the rollback will help car companies and lower the price of vehicles for consumers.

The administration also proposed a withdrawal of a waiver under California’s Clean Air Act — that will require the production of more gas-powered vehicles.

“So what this means for California is that we’re going to have increased pollution and we’re going to have increased greenhouse gas emissions,” said Christopher Chavez of the Coalition for Clean Air. “And California has set very ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint. And ultimately this stands in the way of meeting those goals and trying to prevent climate change.”

California Assemblymember Phil Ting — introduced a bill to ban all sales of gas-powered cars in the state by 2040.

“With 80% of emissions coming from passenger vehicles, from the cars you and I drive, we need to make sure we are aggressively pushing for cleaning cars. Clean cars are more efficient. they take less money to repair. And also they are great for the environment.”

The bill is currently on hold — however, Ting believes it is necessary for a cleaner environment.

19 states have promised to fight the proposal by suing the Trump administration.

Due to the lawsuits — it could take the Trump administration months before the proposal is finalized.


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