Red or blue wave: where do Americans feel the country is politically headed?

Real Clear Politics, a political news and polling data aggregator, released findings on what majority of Americans feel about where the country is headed — based on the average of results from major polls.

More people — 54.3 percent — feel the country headed in the wrong direction, while 39.5 percent believe it’s in the right.

In a recent NBC Wall Street Journal poll, 50 percent of likely voters said they prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, while 43 percent want Republicans in charge.

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  • Mario
    8 November 2018 at 6:45 pm - Reply

    Result: HOUSE: D=225; R=193, need 36 more seat (261) to impeach Trump, long way.SENATE: D-47, R-53, GOP gain 2 more seats.Trump celebrated his Midterm victory, reason, all GOP-RINO, never-Trumper, who NEVER embrace Trump policy were all defeated and he is now in control of his party. Midterm is a DRY RUN for DEM/Trump for 2020 election. Funded 70M for BETO a HISPANIC,all Hispanic celebrities, HC, Obama, Hollywood campaign for him, and Trump for Ted Cruz, 100K attended Houston rally,GOP won. In Florida, Obama, Boyence, all black rappers. actors, celebrities campaign for BLACK-Gillum. Trump campaign in Florida, Trump candidate won. Same thing in Missouri, a FEMALE BLACK, Ophra, Obama, Biden and several Hollywood women campaigned,Trump campaigned & his candidate won. Message is HISPANIC and BLACK votes embrace Trump for 2020. Shocking result total voters count of 113 M and GOP is ahead of 8,000 votes. Remember Trump organization made their fortune from DEM politicians since time and memorial, reason Dems is part of their payroll. Trump is happy he can easily work with Dems in the House.He knows their weakness his only problem is the Dems Socialist-leftist who come and get his neck, but this is only 30% 0f Dems.