Recreational cannabis shops begin opening in Canada

HAMILTON, CANADA — In Ontario, Canada, the first set of cannabis retail shops started opening up this month.  And just in time for Canada’s first 4-20 celebration since recreational marijuana was legalized nationwide, this licensed pot shop opened its doors.

A momentous day for recreational marijuana enthusiasts in Hamilton, as the city’s first licensed cannabis store opened up on the 4/20 holiday. Despite the wet weather, customers lined up for the retail shopping experience as they enjoyed some live steel band music.

Valid photo IDs are checked to ensure that only adults 19 years and older can enter the store based on Ontario law. Once inside the shop, customers can browse through glass-enclosed products and even take a sniff of samples kept in jars.

Budtenders are at hand to assist with product selection depending on the customer’s experience level.

Customers can mix and match products such as flowers and oils, as long as they don’t exceed the legally allowed possession limit of 30 grams.

“Our system will tell you as we’re scanning through the products what you’re at up to the 30 grams and then it will cut you off, coz it is a little confusing when you get to the capsules and the oils how that equates to smoking in grams.


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