Record winter storm Jayden hits the Midwest, bringing below freezing temperatures

CHICAGO, IL — Winter storm Jayden is now being felt across the Midwest.

Temperatures dropped to dangerous, sub-zero levels today and the wicked weather could force wind chill to go down to 50 degrees below zero in some areas in Chicago. Expert say Wednesday and Thursday will be the worst and could possibly be life-threatening.

By Wednesday, Chicago will be colder than Mount Everest, Antarctica, and Siberia.

Over a thousand flights have been canceled, schools and businesses remain closed, and warming centers are set in preparation for the storm.

The worst-ever wind chill in Chicago happened on Christmas Eve in 1983: minus 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chicago might be breaking temperature records this week, when it is expected to reach as low as 60 below zero through Thursday.

Cristina Geronimo, a regional technical manager who works in different states every week, had to stay home with her family as her flights have been canceled multiple times.

Geronimo says, she and her family are staying safe inside their home, preparing for the worst.

Although most of the kids look forward to snow days, many parents like Cristina did not allow her kids to play outside, heeding warnings about the dangers of staying outdoors amid this extreme weather condition.

For 66-year-old Beth Dela Cruz, going to mass daily — a habit she’s had since her retirement — is a big challenge during winter.

There are at least 30 warming centers in Illinois and additional centers have been established.

Residents are encouraged to dial 311 for non-emergency or 911 for life-threatening situations.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 43 degrees come Sunday, almost a 180-degree turnaround from what the city is expecting on Wednesday.

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