Record COVID-19 spikes in Nevada, as phased re-openings continue

LAS VEGAS, NV — Nevada is among states in the U.S. that are seeing record spikes in confirmed COVID-19 cases as phased reopenings continue.

Nevada’s COVID-19 numbers have reached over 13,200 cases with over 480 deaths, with the Silver State posting its sixth-highest single-day increase in cases, with 274. Health officials were reporting 410 new cases on Friday and 445 new cases on Saturday.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada has had its second-highest day of testing in the past 24 hours.

Fil-Am Dr. Jacqueline Choa was a University of Nevada — Las Vegas resident who now works as a pulmonary intensivist fellow at Tulane University.

“We still need to be cautious because of the things that we are looking at is we are reopening and there’s a lot more availability for testing. When this COVID pandemic started we barely had testing kits for everyone. So we limited it to symptomatic and sick. Right now we are even testing the asymptomatic patients so those who think they had exposure. So that itself could give rise to the number of positive cases. Other things we are looking at is the number of hospitalizations. Those who are sick enough that they need to be admitted. That’s a better indicator how severe the COVID pandemic is.”

Dr.Choa shared her experiences with taking care of COVID-19 patients and how devastating it’s been for families affected.

“One of the most difficult things other than taking care of the patient is that the families won’t be able to see the patient or other family members in the ICU. So other than supporting them through the ards or the acute respiratory distress because of COVID we always make sure to call the families and give them updates every day.”

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has asked officials to evaluate potential options for enhanced face-covering policies — to stop the continued spread of the coronavirus.

Dr. Choa said people need to stay vigilant.

“At this time is the most crucial time that we need to practice social distancing and all the precautionary measures that the CDC has advised and recommended. Some people especially the younger ones say: I’m healthy. If I get the COVID infection it’s not gonna be that bad but you have to remember that you are not only thinking about yourself. You have family members that are elderly.”

Governor Sisolak also announced that he is extending phase 2 of the state’s reopening plans through the end of June, saying Nevada is not yet ready to go into phase 3 — and that the timeline will be dictated by the virus.

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