Recent Mayon volcano activity causes worry, Bicolanos and Albayanos to evacuate

LAS VEGAS — One of the major tourist spots in the Philippines is the Mayon volcano once again took Albay by storm in its recent volcanic activity, leaving thousands of Bicolanos flee from their homes. Now, Albayanos in Las Vegas worry for their relatives, as they wait for news when Mayon will strike again.

The Mayon volcano is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, because of it’s almost perfect cone shape.

For the past few days, Mayon has been very active, and pushing out lava flows and thick ash clouds.

The volcano’s activity was raised to alert level 3, prompting 30 thousands bicolanos to flee their homes and move to an evacuation center nearby.


“It’s scary, 3o ago years ago I was in college we were trapped we cannot go back to Libon my hometown, para nga umuwi because of the eruption that was 1988,” said Jocelyn Baluyut.


“One time we had to leave our home because of the danger of the volcano might bring so luckily at that time we had a place of our own to evacuate but now knowing the volcano is active I sympathize with a lot of families who had to leave their homes for safety,” said Chero Patio.


When natural calamities strike the Philippines, it is inevitable for families here in the United States to worry for their loved ones back home.

Baluyut is just a few of many Albayanos here in Vegas who feel helpless, only getting updates on the volcano from social media.

“Sorry it makes me sad because a lot of people died long, long time ago, and then me away from them and it’s very hard I am hoping they are ok. I have seen from the support but they needed more than that I haven’t got the chance to do it”

Charo Patio’s family lives 10 kilometers from the Mayon danger zone. She says that in times like this she relies on prayers and Bicolanos “Uragon Trait” and resiliency when a calamity like this happens.

“They reassure me that they are fine and if worse comes to worse they will evacuate.”

Currently Pag-asa raised an orange rain warning alert over Albay, Cam Sur, Camarines Norte and Catanduanes. The warning, which is the 2nd highest in a 3 step system means that areas will experience hours of rains that could trigger possible floods and landslides.

Over the years, Mayon has erupted 51 times. In 1993, over 70 people were reported dead from a Mayon eruption.


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