Real fake news: Filipina “journalist” poses as NY Times reporter Contessa Bourbon

WASHINGTON DC — The New York Daily News calls her “fake news” for allegedly posing as a journalist for the past four years.

The New York Times is now suing Rita Villadiego, also known as Contessa Bourbon, for misrepresenting herself as a Times reporter, complete with a fake business card, to allegedly gain admittance to news conferences and other events, and to attract followers on social media.

The complaint filed in New York on November 9 stated that Villadiego is not and has never been employed as a reporter by the Times, in any position or capacity.

When the news about her alleged impersonation broke, Villadiego in a series of tweets called the news about her as fake news.

She said she kept silent because her boss Rupert Murdoch castigated the editor of NY Post for posting damaging fake news against her.

Villadiego even demanded apologies.

She continues to tweet about her work as a “journalist,” although she has not provided any links to her supposed published works.

On November 12 she tweeted, “CNN broadcasts my news everyday and every night, Californians love to watch.”

On Monday she tweeted that Tony and Olivier best actress winner, Lea Salonga of Miss Saigon and Les Miserables will play as #Queencontessa. It’s glorious, she said.

She also tweeted to sing and dance with glee, #QueenContessaBroadway is the musical to see, and that #QueenContessaMovie is co-produced by 20th-Century Fox and Dreamworks stars Angelina Jolie, and is directed by Steven Spielberg.

But all this may just be a movie in her mind, as she also tweeted, “in my dream I was at NYT office in NY visiting with a lady, my staff in white talking.”

Lea Salonga also denies knowing Bourbon or Villadiego, and said that she is just making up stories and deceiving her readers.

Salonga is not starring in a Contessa Broadway musical.

According to the complaint, the New York Times, as early as May 2015, has told Villadiego to immediately cease and desist from claiming that she worked for the Times.

Last March, the Times sent another cease and desist letter.

The New York Times is asking the court to stop Villadiego from presenting herself as a reporter, and to award the Times costs, attorney fees and other relief deemed by the court.

ABS-CBN News has reached out to Villadiego via her Facebook and Twitter, but she has not responded at this time.

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