Rare new COVID-19 related inflammatory disease affects children

MANHATTAN, NY — New York City is still quietly humming after the stay at home order went into effect two months ago — amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But there’s an alarming new threat targeting young children.

“This number has gone up consistently in recent days, from a point where we had literally no acknowledgement of this problem, because health care professionals weren’t seeing it even just a few weeks ago, to now to 82 confirmed cases.”

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said a COVID-19-related illness, called pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, has been affecting children.

The symptoms include prolonged fever, rash, having really red bright lips, swollen hands and feet and abdominal pain.

“That vigilance is crucial. That’s why our health commissioner issued an alert to all health-care providers to immediately both look for these symptoms in children, and act on them, but also report any and all activity to the health department so we can understand better how to fight back this problem.”

De Blasio said one child in the city had died.

That’s in addition to the three children Governor Andrew Cuomo said who also died from the disease in the state of New York — he said is investigating about 100 cases.

This came as the state and the city announced plans to ease some restrictions including allowing 4 counties in the northern parts of the state to reopen. New York City will ban nearly 10 miles of streets to cars. The number of new virus-related deaths had stayed under 200 for the third straight day.

Chris Traumer, who just retired from the NYPD,  told ABS-CBN News that he and his fellow cops had been fighting an enemy they didn’t know.

“When we work in the field you see somebody who’s a threat or with a weapon or that’s gonna cause harm. Here we couldn’t see it. So now we’re like, everyone’s got families, their health. Yeah there was a fear of getting it especially you can’t hide from it because you’re on the frontlines.”

Traumer said he was used to living under threat — from 9/11m to working on the streets in the Bronx. But he said this pandemic is different, and he was relieved to retire.

“With a bomb threat it’s just you, let’s say you get hurt. But now with this if you get sick, you bring it home, you know you got kids, elderly, myself I have elderly parents so now, you’re like wow, I don’t want to kill them. I’m putting myself at risk. I’m the one that’s out protecting the public, being a frontliner but not to bring it home to someone who is helpless you know it’s scary.”

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