Raising awareness of call center labor in the Philippines

SAN FRANCISCO — Jane Siwa of the BPO Industry Employees Network spoke to a room full of Fil-Ams in San Francisco about what is really happening to workers at call centers.

For many in this room, they have relatives back home who are among those workers.

She says that while call center jobs are one of the main opportunities of work in the Philippines — it is not as glamorous as some would think.

According to Siwa — the pay is low, and poverty-level low.

Siwa also speaks about how there is no job security and health coverage.

One notable fact Siwa shared was how these jobs allow workers to stay in the Philippines, instead of leaving the country to provide for their families.

According to the Bureau of Local Employment — the Philippines’ BPM sector earns $23 billion dollars annually, ranking second to the OFW remittance industry.

The number is expected to rise as the sector creates more jobs.

To protect current and future workers, Bien launched a nationwide campaign called the One Voice Manifest of BPO employees to bring more awareness to the current six bills in Congress that will guarantee more rights for BPO employees.

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