Racist graffiti targets Pinoy immigrants in Canada

NEEPAWA — A small town in Manitoba, Canada recently made headlines after racist graffiti was sprayed on the town’s sign and other areas in the community.

Locals say there could be no other target than the biggest group of immigrants in the area, who are Pinoys.

Vandalism on the town’s welcome sign, which reads the slogan “the Land of Plenty,” changed with a racial slur.

Another graffiti was seen using the same racial slur, telling them to go home.

“It was more surprising really because remember July 1st, we celebrated 150th for Canada, for a fact na Canada is very inclusive, very welcoming, suddenly merong ganito,” said Myla Ignacio, a Pinay settlement Worker in Neepawa. “My initial reaction was I was hurt, then horrified, pero it doesn’t speak of the whole community. Alam naming this was an isolated incident.”

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