Quizon kids spend holidays together with virtual Dolphy

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Dec. 23, 2013

CERRITOS, Calif. – For the Quizon family, nothing beats spending time with family during Christmas playing video games. Since their father Dolphy, the Philippines’ King of Comedy, died last year, this is the first time his children have spent Christmas together.

“Finally we’re actually together again and it’s been a while,” Epi Quizon said.

“Bonding time, bonding time, bonding time,” Manny Boy Quizon added. “It’s Christmas season and we’re happy.”

And now they have something to share and enjoy – a new iPad app, featuring their dad as the hero; “Dolphy Clean Up”.

The educational game teaches children how to recycle and protect the environment. Part of the proceeds go to the late comic icon’s foundation.

“My grandpa, a very famous comedian,” Dolphy’s grandson Zymone said. “He’s been known for a while and I think he deserves this game.”

“And it’s good because our gift is my virtual dad,” Epi added.

“Spiritually and virtually, maybe not physically but he’s here,” Ronnie Quizon said. “He’s on my shirt. He’s in my thoughts and in my heart.”

With the game hoping to raise environmental awareness that can help prevent future disasters, the family has been active in their communities and throughout the holidays, in reaching out to those devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.

Dolphy’s daughter Kit and grandson Zymone worked with their church at St. Finbar in Burbank by building over a hundred parols and raising over $3000 for the Philippines.

“We do this actually every year for the simbang Gabi, but we thought this year maybe we can be of service to our Filipinos in need in the Philippines, the victims of the typhoon,” Kit explained.

As the late comedians children continue his legacy of cheering up and helping kababayans, the family is also celebrating the recent launch of a commemorative postage stamp featuring Dolphy.

The siblings say while they are honored to have the iPad app and the stamp, they’re not bothered about the ongoing debate in the Philippines on proclaiming Dolphy as a national artist.

“If it’s given then it’s given,” Epi said. “If it’s not given then it’s all good but it’s not something that we will fight for. We’re good because I know the Filipinos love our father and that’s good enough for us.”

For now Dolphy Clean Up is only available for iPad, but will be available for iPhone and android users next month.

You can contact Steve Angles at steve_angeles@abs-cbn.com for more information.

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