Quebec, which has the highest COVID-19 numbers in Canada, further reopens economy

CANADA — The province of Quebec, where the most number of COVID-19 cases have been recorded in Canada, have re-opened restaurants and gyms this week, following weeks of lockdown due to the pandemic.

This restaurant in Montreal installed physical glass barriers in between seating areas to follow physical distancing measures.

But even the owner is uncertain if that will be enough.

“The first question you should always ask is, are the customers going to come back?” said Antonio Park.

Quebec reported almost 55,000 cases of COVID 19, with over 5,000 deaths as of Thursday.

In Toronto, where COVID-19 numbers reached more than 34,000, yoga enthusiasts are adapting to the new normal– via pop-up yoga domes for their sessions.

Students get their temperatures checked before a class — which takes place in individual bubbles with built-in heating similar to what’s inside a hot yoga studio.

They’re also sanitized after each class.

“You know, we did this because we wanted to get back to the community. Everybody’s been really cooped up for the last few months and haven’t been able to go out, you know, and, you know, the innovative way kind of the setup of this event is, it allows us to do this in a safe and responsible way. Where people get to enjoy, you know, fitness activity like a group fitness activity in a private environment.”

Despite businesses re-opening, Canada’s top doctor however said the virus is still very much around, and could be closer than Canadians realize.

“Almost 60% of new cases are in Americas, populations around the world are highly susceptible and epidemics can be reignited anywhere and anytime,” says Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer.

Health officials reminded the public that physical distancing remains one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus, and saying no to closed spaces, crowded places and close contacts.


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