QuarantQueen Ball: New York queens’ social distance version of the MET Gala celebrates fashion and drag

NEW YORK — When the MET Gala — the most awaited annual fashion extravaganza in New York — was postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic, the Big Apple’s drag nightlife persona, CT Hedden, decided to come up with their own version of the gala: the ‘QuarantQueen Ball.

‘Quarant Queens’ participated, all dressed to the nines.

The 12-hour glamour photoshoot — in time of the coronavirus crisis — was done with social distancing and safety measures.

Among the Quarant Queens who graced the iconic steps of the MET Museum is Fil-Am drag performer Digna.

“I came out to the MET ball today, because I was supposed to be doing make up for a client of mine this Monday for the MET Gala… obviously it’s not gonna happen.”

Digna said the Quarant Queens were determined to keep the tradition going – especially after the MET Gala has welcomed celebrity drag queens like RuPaul, Aquaria and Violet Chachki to the world-renowned fashion stage in the past.

“Although we are through a hard time right now during this global pandemic, there is still beauty in the world — and as drag entertainers, we are going to continue to deliver it.”

With social distancing orders still in place in the Big Apple, Digna said the fun drag performances will continue not in bars and clubs, but in virtual showrooms, such as drag brunches via Zoom.

With the MET Gala postponed, and the party delayed indefinitely, these Quarant Queens remain determined to do what they do best — spreading love, fun and glamour through drag — and even a global pandemic can’t stop them.

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