Nurse slams NJ’s controversial mandatory quarantine

By Don Tagala, North-America Bureau

Oct. 27, 2014

NEW YORK – The mandatory quarantine in New York and New York airports for passengers coming from West Africa is in the center of controversy, with people asking: is it necessary or is it just a waste of time and resources?

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who was quarantined upon her arrival at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport from West Africa last Friday, turned out to be negative for Ebola.

Nurse Hickox blasted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for placing her under mandatory quarantine despite showing no signs or symptoms of the deadly virus.

The nurse worked with “Doctors Without Borders” in Sierra Leone, Africa caring for Ebola patients.

In a phone conversation with CNN, Hickox says she felt “like a criminal” as the quarantine did not make sense, and that her “basic human rights were violated.”

Hickox said, “When I arrived in the isolation unit, they took my temperature orally and it was completely normal.”

When asked by CNN Correspondent Candy Crowley if her temperature remained completely normal, Hickox said, “Yes, it has also been completely normal. I heard from my mother last night who called me concerned and said, ‘Governor Christie just said in an interview that you were obviously ill.’ And this is so frustrating to me. First of all, I don’t think he is a doctor and secondly he has never laid eyes on me.”

Governor Christie said that he is sorry for the inconvenience Hickox had to go through, but he is standing by the quarantine order.

“I don’t believe that when you’re dealing with something as serious as this, that we can count on the volunteer system,” Christie said, “It’s the government’s job to protect their safety and health of our citizens.”

But the Obama Administration wants New York and New Jersey to stop enforcing mandatory quarantine for those returning from Ebola aid work in Africa, who are now showing signs or symptoms of Ebola.

The two governors disagreed with the White House and criticized the federal government, saying that the current guidelines regarding Ebola don’t go far enough.

But later on, Sunday, state officials said that they will allow health care workers, who are residents of the state, to serve out their quarantine at home.

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  • Mario
    28 October 2014 at 3:49 pm - Reply

    Closing the borders, Airports, mandatory quarantine is the cheapest Prevention technique for Ebola. The Government want treatment, not prevention. Follow the money, fortunes were made from Obamacare computer contract, and more fortunes to be made on Ebola treatment, not prevention.Can you imagine if Americans were infected with Ebola, the Ebola Czar will awards contracts to drug companies for the manufacture for Ebola vaccine,Ebola tents,shoes, sanitizers,mask etc.. constructions of 50 Ebola biohazard Units, one for every State, this are Trillion $ of contracts to few cronies. Two more years to go, make the most of it. Expect this to come, migration to the US for West Africans citizen and will be given green card or work permit. Will allow non citizen with Ebola for treatment in the US.How do you stop this, only 10 days left before the election vote Republican they are also worse but your family is safe from infectious diseases…