Providing cleaner, greener, and cheaper energy in San Mateo County

SAN MATEO, CA — In a press conference joined by elected officials, it was announced that Peninsula Clean Energy has become California’s largest community choice energy provider.

It has done so through partnering with San Mateo County, and providing its residents and businesses with cleaner energy at a lower cost through their default product — Ecoplus.

The program will provide 50% renewable energy supply, is 75% carbon-free, and the rates are 5% lower than PG&E.

“So everyone will be automatically be receiving cleaner and green electricity, and their bill will go down because our rates are lower than PG&E’s generation rates,” said Jan Pepper, CEO of Peninsula Clean Energy. “So the easiest thing to do is to do nothing, and watch your bill go down a couple dollars a month.”

Peninsula Clean Energy does this through purchasing electricity through renewable resources, then PG&E delivers the energy and maintains the power lines.

Peninsula began service in October of 2016, and has completed the enrollment of almost 300,000 accounts that are receiving electric generation service.

“It’s really important in this day and age because climate change is here. We need to do something to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are going into our atmosphere,” said Pepper. “And actually using renewable energy in the long run is less expensive, because there is no volatility in the prices. The fuel is free. The sun is free. The wind is free to power that. And it’s just really the wave for the future.”

Fil-Am Daly City Mayor Glenn Sylvester says that kababayans living in the city should welcome cleaner energy at a reduced cost.

“Number one: Daly City is the biggest city in San Mateo County, and being the biggest city we want to show that we care about our environment. So going to PCE as a choice, that’s what we’re looking for,” he said.

California residents have been notified of the enrollment through mail and they can opt out at any time.



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