Opposition intensifies on President Trump’s cabinet nominations

by Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN News


LAS VEGAS, NV — Activists picketed outside the office of US Senator Dean Heller to intensify the opposition to President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Nevada joined a national day of action, in opposition to Jay Clayton’s nomination as SEC Chairman.

Heller, a Republican senator, is due to vote on Trump’s cabinet nominees.

Trump’s SEC nominee Clayton went before the Senate banking committee for a confirmation hearing Wednesday.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is a government group created to protect investors, and maintain the fair and orderly function of the securities markets.

Clayton’s financial disclosure indicates that he has represented many of Wall Street’s biggest banks and hedge funds.

These protestors blame big banks and Wall Street for causing the housing crisis.

Reports state that since 2012, Wall Street firms have been buying up foreclosed properties, and driving up prices from home buyers.

“We need someone in the chairmanship of the SEC, who is an advocate for the 99 percent, not the 1 percent… so that’s really the concern here,” said Rich Pelletier, who is a former Bernie Sanders deputy campaign manager.

“What I call their ‘Wealthcare Act’ — where CEO’s insurance companies; CEO’s are getting tax credit millions of dollars,” says Connie Snyder, a Southern Nevadan at anti-SEC rally.

Fil-Am Gil Perez was among the protestors in the anti-Clayton demonstration.

Perez says his wounds from the 2008 Nevada housing collapse are still fresh.

 “I’ve been here since 2006… so naapektuhan kayo dun sa 2008 recession? Yeah, the value of our homes collapsed we bought it for closed to $500,000… now its a lot a less than that,” said Perez. “Maybe $200,000. So we lost a lot of money.”

Perez adds that it is important for Filipinos and other minorities in Nevada to speak out against policies that hurt the working people.

“Everyone will be affected,” he shared. “All the regular people the 99 percent of us. The 1 percent are the one who are not gonna be affected because they’re gonna get richer and better.”

Meanwhile, Senate confirmation hearings on Trump’s cabinet will continue on Monday.

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  • Mario
    23 March 2017 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    Its over 2 months Trump running his Administration with incomplete Cabinet.. When Obama took over the WH, within 2 weeks all his cabinet pick were confirmed by the Republican..Voters will remember this, the Democrat will pay for trying to delay Trump cabinet pick.. they lose the election and do not want Trump and the government to move on….In the first 2 months in office Trump REDUCED debt by $100 Billion, while Obama he INCREASE debt by $400 Billion..source; Google; the gatewaypundit.com/2017/03/355719/…