Protests erupt in California, calling for Trump to reveal tax records

With the tax filing deadline drawing near, thousands hit the streets across the US to protest President Donald Trump’s refusal to reveal his tax records.

In California, at least 21 people got arrested after Trump supporters and opponents clashed at a Patriot Day rally in Berkeley.

The free speech event was put on by conservative groups — but escalated as anti-Trump protestors showed up.

Fireworks were believed to have been set off, and video shows punches being thrown.

“This is about our country, it’s about our national security,” said House democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

A more peaceful protest scene happened in downtown San Francisco.

Elected officials joined thousands in San Francisco City Hall before hitting the streets of the financial district, calling for Trump to release his taxes — which every president has done since the 1970s.

“We’ve seen in the last three months how Donald Trump has been attacking minority communities,” said activist Mila Deguzman. “And not having the kind of transparency we want. He want to see his tax returns. We don’t know what, who he owes money to and the kind of risk he’s taking.”

While it is unknown how much taxes the current president has been paying, protestors in San Francisco say they are angered by what they say their tax dollars have been funding.

These protests come after a pair of military actions by the Trump administration — a missile strike on Syria, and a bombing in Afghanistan.

“I’m a public school teacher; I’m out here in support of everybody else, i don’t believe he should get away with what he’s doing,” said retired veteran Gabriel Allegre. “We just dropped a $16-million bomb the other day, and he just defunded Planned Parenthood. Ridiculous.”

“I don’t believe it should go there, I’d rather have it building infrastructure and communities that we live in,” said activist Kat General.

They believe a peek into the President’s tax returns could actually give people a better idea of the motivation behind some of Trump’s actions.

Los Angeles also saw an estimated 10,000 hitting the streets for a peaceful protest.

A few hundred gathered in Las Vegas outside of Trump tower — and while no incidences were reported, a local journalist was arrested for trespassing when he was reportedly filming on private property.


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  • Mario
    18 April 2017 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    Trump should not release his ITR, love to see the left radical Democrat cry for the next 4-8 yrs. Obama’s half brother finally released his Kenyan birth certificate. Good job fake media, you made American voters stupid, you protected Obama for the last 8 yrs. source; youtube; “Obama Kenyan birth certificate.”