Protests at Fox News following Tucker Carlson controversial comments

NEW YORK — Dozens of protesters took to the streets just outside Fox News headquarters on Wednesday to demand advertisers only one thing.

According to the organizer of this protest – Media Matters – Fox News Network is having an emergency meeting to stop further loss of advertising dollars, following the Tucker Carlson controversy.

Described as “racist and vile,” audio clips of Carlson, released by Media Matters, have gone viral.

Free Press Senior Director Tim Karr says Fox News airs toxic opinionated content that advertisers should shy away from.

Protesters say they are here to expose Fox News formula for success that encourages toxic rhetoric.

“Apparently their formula involves tapping into the divisiveness of this administration, tapping into the hatred that plague this country over the last couple of years and using that to their advantages.”

This Fil-Am political performance artist and activist calls Fox News state-sponsored television.

“It’s a bogus journalism organization, there’s really no place in our society for another arm of the Trump administration… there absolutely no critical thinking they’re just repeating what the Trump administration wants, and downplaying real important stories.”

The Washington Post reports that advertisers such as Sheex and pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca had removed their ads on the Tucker Carlson show as of Monday.

Protesters here are urging more companies to do the same.

Requests for comment from Fox News on the “Drop Fox News” protest have gone unanswered.

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  • Mario
    14 March 2019 at 7:17 am - Reply

    It all about competition FOX News Channel is number 1, when it comes to rating. There must be a reason.Trump call them Fake News or enemy of the people on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC etc… MEDIA MATTERS is a George SOROS funded organization. For over two years the leftist news media could not bring down Trump poll rating ,today is 46% and worried ,election is coming. When Hillary declared she is NOT running, Nancy Pelosi will not waste her time collecting $3-5 Billion campaign funds from Hollywood for Biden or Sanders.To impeach Trump the poll rating should be below 30%, and it needs 2/3 of the House votes, it means 56 Republican will join the Dems vote which is impossible. Pelosi networth is 120 Million, she is a Capitalist, and NEVER a SOCIALIST.She knew the newly elected YOUNG Dems wanted to throw her out as speaker, and the Young Dems had forgotten that Pelosi $5.5B campaign money made them elected. With Dems party divided into Moderate, Socialist, 3rd and 4th Party is an easy Victory for Trump