Protestors slam Republicans for trying to defund Planned Parenthood

LAS VEGAS, NV — In the months leading up to the House of Representatives voting ‘yes’ on the GOP’s health care bill, hundreds of thousands of women have protested all over the country against efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health care in the US and globally.

The bill would block Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood, which would take away birth control access, and preventive healthcare from an estimated 390,000 low-income women.

Here in Nevada, nearly 18,000 people rely solely on Planned Parenthood health centers for care.

These include cancer screenings, birth control, STD testings, treatment annual wellness exams, and legal abortion.

Nevada assemblyman Chris Brooks reiterates why Planned Parenthood should stay funded.

“Planned Parenthood provides so many essential health services to the women in our community, specifically in my district, that it is just inexcusable for some political stunt to try to defund something that is so vital to the health of the women in this state… I’m disgusted by it,” Brooks said. “So at the state level, we need to to do what we can to support Planned Parenthood, and on the federal level, we need to make sure we hold our delegation accountable.”

For many Pinoy Nevadans, Planned Parenthood is their only healthcare provider.

Filipina Becky Mojica was diagnosed with stage 1 uterus cancer. She says without the aid of Planned Parenthood, her condition could have gotten worse.

“I was diagnosed with stage 1 and ang daming process ng examination,” she said. “Kkung hindi ako nabigyan kaagad ng immediate attention or I did not do it myself, nagpunta ko sa mga centers nito where they can test me. This is all part of the Planned Parenthood siguro now I’m not here anymore… kahit na ba stage one you don’t know how it grows. Bakit nila aalisin yan preivilege yan that is being given by the government, kase kung walang babae sa mundo walang production, walang tao sa mundo.”

Mojica says there is nothing embarrassing about going to a free clinic.

“Hindi nakakahiyan yan, hindi ako nahihiya being Filipino na pupunta ako sa libre, kung wala kang perang ganyan kalaki.”

Meanwhile, kababayan Imelda Hilario says that although Planned Parenthood may benefit a lot of people, she does not support the clinic’s abortion services.

If the Senate also passes Trumpcare, and it’s signed into law by President Trump, Planned Parenthood will immediately lose Medicaid funding for a year.



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