Protestors meet with SF Consulate to voice concerns over Philippine Senate election process

Following the end of the 2019 Philippines elections for overseas absentee voters — concerned Filipino political groups met with the Philippine consulate general in San Francisco to voice frustration with this year’s voting process both in the U.S. and back home.

This was the scene outside the Philippine consulate in San Francisco. Protestors denounced what they call the “disenfranchisement of voters” during the 2019 Philippine national elections.

Whether it be the broken voting machines in the Philippines — or the late mailing out of ballots in the U.S., the OAV’s say the process was unfair.

Later that afternoon, Consul General Henry Bensurto Jr. invited those protesters inside the consulate for an advisory on how despite the malfunction of two voting cards.

All votes have been counted thanks to COMELEC replacing the cards by Friday morning.

Protesters shared their concerns directly with Congen Bensurto.

While activists were able to ask questions about the validity of the election — only so much was answered.

Still, the chance to speak with the consul general was a chance to send the message to the Duterte government.

Bensurto says he will take the concerns of the community to his superiors.

“The ambassador has already confirmed that there will be a discussion in terms of what transpired in this election with the end idea of improving the system.”

Bensurto has already left for Washington DC for the national canvassing which will be held at the Philippine embassy.

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