Protestors gather in NYC, demanding President Trump to release taxes

NEW YORK CITY — On Saturday, thousands of demonstrators gathered in New York City to send a loud message to President Donald Trump.

The president has refused to release them citing an IRS audit, and said that he already won the election, so nobody wants to see them now.

But more than 125,000 people in more than 200 communities world-wide marched on April 15, demanding Trump to do so.

Protesters say the huge turnout shines a spotlight on a very secretive Trump administration.

“Sunshine is indeed the best disinfectant, it’s the best defense against corruption and questionable business interest,” said public advocate Leticia James.

“There are an over the top amount of bread crumbs, as well as an ongoing FBI investigation, leading us to the conclusion that Donald Trump is under the thumb of Vladimir Putin, and I would like to know why?” said protestor and comedian-actress Sarah Silverman.

This Fil-Am protester says the trump administration should be more transparent and accountable especially with money matters.

“The issue of taxes is important because we need to know what his financial interests are, what connections there are, whether there be debts to foreign countries, how his finances are leveraged or to whom is he accountable, because if he is accountable more than the American people then that is a serious problem,” said protestor Andrew Sta. Ana.

In response to the tax march, Trump again tweeted that he already won an almost impossible election to win, and asked, “Now tax returns are brought up again?”

Trump then asked, who paid for the small organized rallies?

This Fil-Am political performance artist came as the money bunny.

Introduced by New York state senator Brad Hoylman, the Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act or Trump Act would force candidates to release their tax returns to New York State board of elections, no later than 50 days before the elections.

Failure to comply would mean disqualification from the New York State Ballot.

“Before you get on the ballot in NY, we the people demand to know, do you pay taxes like we do, Donald Trump?” said state senator Brad Hoylman.

An online petition to pass the Trump Act has been signed by more than more than 139,000 people.


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