Promoting tourism, ensuring travelers’ safety in the Philippines

Terrorism fears may have dampened tourism in the Philippines. Still, both the public and private sectors are aggressively promoting travel to the country’s popular destinations.

The Philippine Tourism Promotions Board, in partnership with the Philippine Department of Tourism New York, launched Uncharted Adventures.

Organizers say they want to beef up promotion in Canada, because of an increase in Canadian travel to the Philippines.

“For the first two months of the year, we have 23% arrival from the Canadian Market. And Canadian market is good for us, because in terms of tourism receipts, it’s number one. They are the highest spender in the Philippines,” said Zeny Pallugna, officer-in-charge of the PH Department of Tourism in New York.

With concerns over political instability and security issues on the rise, tourism players brace for the impact of martial law.

“We send them some assurances, and even the Canadian government, they just issued you just do extra precautionary measure when you travel because anywhere in the world, we are facing that kind of, the same situation.”

We asked some Canadians if they would still travel to the Philippines given the current climate there.

“If in the Philippines it’s only Mindanao, and the rest of the country is still okay, the travel industry should market that. It’s not the whole Philippines…don’t have the martial law,” said Cora Dela Cruz, Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the PH.

“My fiance and I were discussing for our honeymoon to possibly go to the Philippines,” said Simon Thibeault. “I’ve never been myself, but I’ve heard wonderful stories and wonderful places to go and the scenery is one of the best in the world.”

Although tourism numbers are expected to decline, travel and trade partners have said that it is important to guarantee tourists’ safety in the meantime.

Up next, this tourism road show will head to Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia and a final stop in New York.



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