Professional and personal friends pay tribute to Washington Sycip’s life and works

NEW YORK CITY —  It was supposed to be an annual dinner at “The Links,” Washington Sycip’s favorite private club in New York City, but the event turned into a memorial for the Philippine business titan known to many as “Wash.”

“It is very fitting that he passed way above the Pacific between Asia and America, two great regions he spent his life not only bridging, but trying to bring together at 36,000 feet, the vistas were endless, shuttling back and forth between Asia and America,” said Joanne de Asis. “For the majority of life gave him a unique perspective and made him an invaluable advisor to corporate, government and civic leaders alike…”

Known as the most powerful club in the world, The Links is where former president Dwight Eisenhower’s gave his farewell address in 1961.

Famous members of this gentleman’s club include business leaders like David Rockefeller, William Boeing, Henry Ford, and the Philippines’ Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala.

Leaders of the Filipino community also shared their fond memories with Sycip.

Washington Sycip’s remains in Vancouver will be cremated before he is taken home to the Philippines in the next few days.
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