Pro-immigrant and anti-sanctuary groups react to immigration bill

LOS ANGELES — With healthcare reform now on the shelf, President Donald Trump set his sights on the next issue of his agenda: immigration reform.

The President endorsed a Senate Republican immigration bill that would overhaul legal immigration.

The proposed raise act would limit family-based petitions, and replace it with a merit based system that prioritized high skilled workers.

The plan would cut legal immigration in half over the next decade.

But for immigrant rights groups who were holding a worker rights rally as news of the bill broke out. They see the reduction of family based petitions as unfair.
“It’s not really answering the broken immigration system by doing all these anti immigrant policies,” said Lolit Andrada Lledo, from Pilipino Workers Center.

The act also prioritizes immigrants that speak English and that will not be a burden on the welfare system.

“When you’re able to bring family over and have networks to rely on each other it creates less of a need for other outside programs as well, and when we’re successful we’re actually successful at contributing back to the community,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza from the Pilipino Workers Center.

For the Pilipino Workers Center that advocates for many low income immigrant workers, especially domestic workers and caregivers, they say the proposal doesn’t solve issues on the undocumented workers already in the us.

“Focusing on the skilled ones it is not okay, because we have a lot of unskilled workers and they are undocumented and they also have waited for so long.”

Members of conservative group Make Cali Great Again were in San Diego preparing their upcoming anti-sanctuary state actions, when news of the immigration overhaul came out.

The group’s Fil-Am founder Rachel Gunther told ABS-CBN News that they welcomed the bill, calling it a common sense approach to the immigration debate.

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