Pro-Duterte and anti-Duterte activists face off in NYC

NEW YORK — President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters and protestors got into a chanting match outside the Philippine consulate in New York.

It’s called the People’s State of the Nation address – a protest to counter President Duterte’s own State of the Nation address on Monday.

These loyal Duterte supporters say they showed up to counter the SONA protesters.

Sona protesters say, giving disgraced former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Power as speaker of the house is just the beginning of a bigger power play in Philippine politics.

It was also a clash between two generations of Filipinos in America.

“What’s happening is that more and more people are coming out and voicing their concerns against the dictatorship, because people feel it, people feel it through martial law, through the drug war and his attacks on human rights advocates,” said Chrissi Fabri.

President Duterte said the Philippines war on drugs will continue.

“Kailangan gawin talaga, kung maaari lang pati yung bitay isulong na sa kongreso, death penalty? Oo death penalty, para matapos na maubos, kasi pakakainin lang natin yang mga lintik na yan sa loob ng kulungan,” said supporter Armand Villamor.

“Things are going to get worse, you know, things have been worsening even since he began his presidency,” said Fabro. “More and more people are dying, he thinks that solving the drug problem means killing more

For now, it’s not clear how the consolidation of Philippine political power will take shape in the near future – one thing is clear though – at least among kababayans here in new york —- the great political divide has never been more jarring — two years into Duterte’s presidency.


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  • Mario
    25 July 2018 at 5:13 pm - Reply

    Anti-Duterte leaders go to the Philippines and have your rally there not in America…Don’t be a coward, if you are really serious about it, go back to PH. Pinoys in USA believed that this is a RACKET, you only need rally/protest donation money, find a job and go to work..