Presidential frontrunners continue winning streak on Western Tuesday

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The biggest prize in Western Tuesday’s primaries went to the frontrunners for both parties.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump easily won Arizona’s primaries, cementing their overall lead.

Trump garnered 47.1 percent compared to closest rival Ted Cruz, who got 24.9 percent. Trump takes all 58 delegates in the winner-take-all state.

Clinton got 57.6 percent with 41 delegates. Her contender Bernie Sanders received 39.9 percent with 26 delegates.

“It’s exciting to see that result come in because Arizona, like Washington, a lot of states that are going to be expressing their views and counting votes in the weeks ahead understand this is not just a contest between different candidates,” said Clinton.

Sanders and Cruz are keeping up the fight.

Cruz won Utah resoundingly with 69.2 percent, with Trump placing a distant third at 14 percent. Cruz bagged 40 delegates.

The Texas senator also had another boost to his campaign with former rival Jeb Bush formally endorsing him, describing him as a principled conservative.

Sanders, on the other hand, won Utah and Idaho.

In Utah, Sanders had a wide margin with 79.7 percent compared to Clinton’s 19.8 percent. Sanders bagged 24 delegates.

In Idaho, Sanders got 79 percent compared to Clinton’s 21.2 percent. The Vermont senator added another 17 delegates to his total.

Sanders’ well-oiled fundraising machine is also reportedly raising more money than Clinton, raking in $14 million more in February.

“We started off at three percent in the vote, about 70 points behind Secretary Clinton,” said Sanders. “A CBS poll, a couple of days ago, had us at five points down.  That is a huge margin and difference that we have made up.”

Their contenders may continue to put pressure on them but the frontrunners continue to dominate the overall picture.

Based on primaries and caucuses to date and without the super delegates, Clinton leads Sanders 1,241 to 911.

Overall. Trump leads by 739 compared to his closest rival Cruz with 465.




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