Presidential contenders gain momentum in weekend’s primaries and caucuses

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The contenders in the Democratic and Republican races for presidential nominations pulled off wins this weekend.

The victories of Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders come on two days of primaries and caucuses in five states — Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Maine and Nebraska, plus the territory of Puerto Rico.

Sanders and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton battled for 134 available delegates in four state primaries. Sanders won in three states, gaining three delegates more than Clinton in the weekend races.

“So if Democrats want the strongest candidate to defeat Trump, I think you’re looking at him,” said Sanders.

But Clinton still holds a wide national lead with 1,130 delegates compared to Sanders’ 499. For Democrats, 2,383 delegates are needed for the nomination.

Clinton remarked, “I want to congratulate Senator Sanders for running a strong campaign. I am thrilled we’re adding to our pledged delegate count.”

On the GOP side, Republicans vied for 155 delegates this weekend, with Cruz and frontrunner Donald Trump splitting victories on Saturday. Cruz won in Kansas and Maine, while Trump won in Kentucky and Louisiana. Trump now has a total of 384 delegates while Cruz has so far bagged 300.  Republicans need 1,237 delegates to bag their party’s nomination.

“I’ve been in competitions in all of my life.  There is nothing so exciting as this stuff,” expressed Trump.

“Super Tuesday, last week, was a phenomenal night, where we won victories all over the country. And today, on Super Saturday, we’re doing the same thing,” stated Cruz.

Despite Rubio’s win in Puerto Rico, Trump has called for him to drop out of the race, saying he would like a one-on-one battle with Cruz for the nomination.

The candidates are now trying to woo voters in Michigan, which is holding its primary along with three other states tomorrow, Tuesday.

Latest poll numbers in Michigan suggest Trump and Clinton are poised to win.

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  • Mario
    7 March 2016 at 11:10 pm - Reply

    Trump is so hated by media & the establishment, all guns are aimed at Trump because he loves and stand for America.Mexico,China, Japan,and most EU hates him, because they have good deals.Those country employed lobbyist and take care of those corrupt politicians both Dems and GOPs.Trump financed his own campaign, does not owed any foreign and local special interest. Last super Tuesday $74M anti-Trump ads were thrown, still Trump won Kentucky and Louisiana, Cruz got Kansas and Maine, Rubio, the establishment candidate got Puerto Rico. The latest new budget anti-Trump Ads is much bigger $149M,(source coming from GOP establishment.Cruz is financed by Texas oil companies and the wife works for Wall St. The plan is to destroy Trump in Florida and Ohio.Trump victory means destruction of GOP cartel, follow the money.Trump business style on all his project in the private sectors are mostly “on open bidding”, the present GOP contructosr/establishment/insiders want “No-bid contract”, contact and given exclusively on the member of the cartel..

  • Enigma
    8 March 2016 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    Trump is Trump, he is what he is, what you see is what you get, he tells it like it is and he fights to WIN! he’s still the BEST MAN TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
    Donald Trump is saying things that desperately need to be said but no other candidate has shown the fortitude to stand up and say them.

    Trump Will,Build the wall,Deport illegals.
    Lower Taxes,Fix the VA,Defeat ISIS.
    Rebuild the greatest war machine on earth.
    Bring jobs back to America.
    Get rid of Obamacare.
    100% Pro second amendment
    Trade reform,Make America Great Again