President Trump’s trade war with China is costing the U.S. economy jobs

The trade war continues between China and the U.S., and average consumers are feeling the brunt.

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  • Mario
    20 September 2019 at 7:42 am - Reply

    This the world ECONOMY,#1 US=$20.4 Trillion,#2China=13.6T #3.Japan=$5.1T. US-China Trade is: US losing $500B/yr(DEFICIT since 1985), Reason for Deficit: US give ZERO tariff on Chinese goods arriving US., China imposed 15-100% Tariff on US goods entering China. Trump blamed former US Prez for allowing this to happened.It is his job to bring down or reduce $500B/yr trade DEFICIT gradually and it could be resolved by Trade negotiation. Then,China Tribune News said, if US will maintain $500B/yr Deficit, by 2050 China will overtake US economy.CORRECT or EARLIER.Further said; By 2050 it will be a Communist Economy that rules the World and “Americans will clean Chinese Toilets.”. Now you understand why Trump on the attack and he is winning,next
    meeting on October 15,China will buy 16 US Agri-product, no more Import(Tariff). TAKE NOTE;China will buy US TYSON PIG-HOG Meat to supply China food market.250 million Pigs in China has a disease “Swine Flu”,thousand thrown,floating in the river,no report from the Communist if they are exporting their meat PIGS to other country including PH.