President Trump visits U.S.-Mexico border amidst government shutdown

MCALLEN, TX — President Donald Trump visited Texas border towns on Thursday, wanting to meet those on the frontlines of the crisis.

Customs and Border Patrol agency and various ports are located along McAllen area, and so are detention centers.

In Washington, hundreds of furloughed federal workers held a rally demanding action from Congress.

The demand to fund the wall has been the reason for the partial government shutdown.  If the shutdown over an immigration deal goes beyond Friday, it would be the longest in U.S. history.

Before he left the White House for Texas, the president doubled down on his threat to get what he wants.

Filipino federal workers and those who live along the border expressed their concerns.

Meanwhile, there were no signs that a deal to end the shutdown would happen before Friday, when 800 thousand federal employees – including border patrol agents and airport security screeners – would miss their first paychecks.

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