President Trump to enforce old immigration sponsor law affecting healthcare and welfare for petitioned families

The Trump administration just announced on Thursday that it wants a 1996 law enforced which requires family members and some employers to repay the government if the immigrant whose visa they sponsored used government-funded social services like Medicaid and welfare.

President Donald Trump is said to sign a presidential memorandum to Human and Health Services and to the Treasury Department.

It will include a mechanism to recover funds from the immigrant’s sponsor.

The 1996 welfare and immigration law passed with bipartisan support both in the House and the Senate. Democratic presidential front runner and former vice president Joe Biden voted in favor of the law which President Bill Clinton signed.

This particular provision in the 1996 law has loosely been enforced.

The Trump administration believes that by enforcing the law, sponsors will be encouraged to be selective on who they sponsor in the future. It is also part of the president’s immigration system overhaul moving towards a more merit-based system.

People who are receiving social services now will not be asked to pay, but they will have to when they re-apply for benefits.

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  • Mario
    23 May 2019 at 8:02 pm - Reply

    This 1996 law will punished Moslems immigrants,Male moslem has 4 wives, petitioned all his wife, each had 3 children also petition them in the end ONE moslem male brought in an average of 23 member of his family, they call that CHAIN migration. Chain migration not allowed under Trump.Most of our Moslem immigrants does not want to assimilate, in every family, only two or three got a job. all of the rest depend on welfare.Under the 1966 law the person who petitioned them should pay back the Government equal to how much his relative received from the Government. I like this idea. But this is one of the many good plans by Trump it will never passed the House. House controlled by Democrat. The only solution for a good immigration reform is after the 2020 election. Voters should
    replace 8 Democrat Congressman to control the House.

    • Pegi
      24 May 2019 at 5:04 pm - Reply

      Mario….this is something that has to pass thru the house and Senate. If u read closely it states this has already passed! It was passed in 1996 but was never enforced. Now President Trump has found this law and says he wants it enforced to the full extent and is sending Presidential Memorandums to the Dept of Human Services and the Treasuery Department. Plus they are to seek re-payment back from Sponsor Employers and family members that sought Galilee’s to come to the United States.