President Trump tells governors to toughen up as protests against police brutality continue

Emotionally-charged protests in more than 100 cities in the U.S. continued over the weekend stemming from the outrage over the May 25 death of George Floyd.

Since Floyd’s death and the massive protests that have sparked riots, violence, and looting, U.S. President Donald Trump has not addressed the nation, and only responded to questions from reporters on his thoughts and whether he has spoken to the Floyd family.

Trump also just ranted on twitter, claiming the violence and looting came from extreme left groups like ANTIFA, while mocking his presidential rival Joe Biden, and attacking the media.

But in a conference call with governors on Monday, Trump focused on criticizing them for looking weak and urge the governors to toughen up.

An audio recording of that call has been leaked to various news outlets.

“You have to dominate. If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time. They’re going to run over you. You’re going to look like a bunch of jerks. You have to dominate. And you have to arrest people and you have to try people. And they have to go to jail for long periods of time.”

Critics have slammed Trump for a lack of leadership and compassion, as he has not even addressed a nation still reeling in pain and anger.

Several news outlets said Democratic Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker told Trump that his rhetoric on Twitter was making an already volatile situation even worse — which drew Trump’s ire.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, the governor thanked his constituents for the more peaceful protests in the last 2 days amidst the violence and looting occurring in many other states.

Gov. Tim Walz said he understands that people’s frustrations over the issue may last for awhile — but appealed for continued calm nonetheless.

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