President Trump says White House will pressure state governors to reopen schools in the fall

Despite dramatic spikes in COVID-19 cases in most U.S. states, President Trump said his administration will make sure state governors reopen schools come September.

Trump, along with first lady Melania Trump participated in a roundtable discussion with administration officials and teachers to address school reopenings with a focus on the “holistic health and learning needs of America’s students.”

Trump reiterated that the pandemic is under control and that the rise in COVID-19 cases are due to increased testings. He stressed children are not a risk to severe illness even if they get the coronavirus.

More than 50 million students were affected when the pandemic forced the closure of schools, and parents had to become teachers overnight, on top of doing their full-time jobs.

In a rare public address, the first lady gave her input on the importance of reopening schools, saying children need to interact with fellow students and their teachers.

What was not on the forefront of the discussion was the fact that kids could potentially become asymptomatic carriers of the virus and could put their families at risk of infection.

There are also a few concrete plans in place — on either the state or federal level about how to open schools effectively.

And Trump wants state governors to handle it.

The U.S. is now nearing a historic mark of 3 million cases of COVID-19 which has taken the lives nearly 131,000 Americans.

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  • Mario
    7 July 2020 at 6:42 pm - Reply

    The Democrat again blaming TRUMP for the increase of Cases, why they don’t tell the decrease of daily death, and flattening of the curve. The Democrat is so desperate they knew Trump is always moving around on daily TV appearances and public speeches, while BIDEN is hiding under the basement and leading from behind. TRUMP will have a campaign rally at New Hamshire come Saturday. I watch, type “TRUMP speech then date” on YOUTUBE. Also, we can watch the daily Congressional hearing of ABS-CBN at YOUTUBE Talaga palang magaling magtago nang taxes ang mga Lopez. More Stimulus money coming, TRUMP said to make it bigger. He wants to tell the American especially the VOTERS that he is the ONLY US PRESIDENT who is giving money and reminding you to vote for him come November. I came to America since REAGAN time, kept paying taxes every year, NGAYON LANG naka TANGGAP ako nang pera galing sa Presidente, pag nanalo baka mamimigay na naman.