President Trump, First Lady test positive for COVID-19

Critics have constantly blasted him for supposedly downplaying the threat of the coronavirus. Now, President Donald Trump, one of the world’s most powerful leaders, joins millions of Americans who have contracted COVID-19. Dwight De Leon reports.

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    4 October 2020 at 12:59 pm - Reply

    This is the best moment for BIDEN to catch-up and doubles his time on his campaign. HClinton, attended several Rally’s, she is more talented than BIDEN, Poll Survey said HC had an 88% chance of winning, while BIDEN had a 71% chance. OBAMA secret weapon was, GROUND GAME campaign, called “KNOCKING THE DOOR, Trump copied and defeated HC, by T-51%,HC-47% (electoral College). As 9/15 RNC, had already reach 100M Knocking the door on the SWING States and 12M are potential voters that could be converted to vote for Trump. BIDEN and HC only depend on POLLS SURVEYs, and TRUMP branded them as FAKE NEWS. Oct 1, 2016, HC Poll was leading 10pts, today, Biden is leading the Poll 2-3 pts. After the debate 95% of the media, who are anti-Trump voted BIDEN as the winner, first-time TELEMUNDO voted 65% debate victory for TRUMP, the messages is LATINO will vote for TRUMP, meaning Nevada, Colorado, NewMex might be taken. Since Labor Day Trump held Rally with more than 250K attendees, while BIDEN had 200 supporter-only Townhall. INDEPENDENT VOTERS prefer to see the person they wanted to vote, not in TV, but during RALLY. DOCTORS said TRUMP will be discharged from W.REED Hosp.tomorrow Monday or Wednesday.