President Duterte threatens war against Canada over garbage dispute, kababayans react

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gives Canada one week to take back garbage dumped in the Philippines by a Canadian company in 2014 — or warns that he will declare war against the North American country.

But kababayans are not too keen on taking the president seriously.

Philippine Canadian news publisher Ted Alcuitas says there’s nothing really surprising about what Duterte says, even comparing him to US president Donald Trump.

“Duterte should not be believed anymore, he’s a laughing stock … he’s like Trump you know, these things are distractions.”

But many Canadians also say Canada’s garbage is their responsibility.

They add it is an embarrassment to have this matter drag on for years.

In a recent legal opinion by environmental lawyers in BC,  made public on, the lawyers say there is a strong argument that Canada violated international laws in the transfer of garbage from Canada to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014.

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