Pres. Trump Inauguration Day marked with protests

WASHINGTON DC — 45th US President Donald Trump said he wanted a wall — but didn’t think it would be used to block protestors at his inauguration.

“We were here physically blockading the entrance to this inauguration, which is happening all over the city,” said protestor Adam Greenberg. “Donald Trump represents an enormous threat… to all different communities, and also a threat to our climate. We’re here not only to block this checkpoint, but we’re going to block…once he launches an attack on the LGBTQ community, immigrant communities, communities of color.”

The protestors attempted to block all six points of entries to the inauguration on Friday, Jan. 20.

“Trump is a morally illegitimate President, and the choices he made in his cabinet reflect that,” said protestor Mika Kretzman-Clough.

Hundreds of protestors also made their way to the US Navy Memorial Park, the main protest staging area.

Organizers say the mass protest is a rejection of the Trump agenda, on Day 1 of his unconventional presidency.

“We’re watching what he’s doing, and we’re gonna hold him accountable that we don’t approve [of what he’s doing],” said Linda Clayton from Las Vegas, NV. “We do not approve of bigotry, we do not like racism or misogyny. Women, Muslims, and minorities all have rights…and it can’t be ignored by some person who thinks he’s God.”

 “I’m not looking for the next four years,” said Kezvin Silock from Columbia, Maryland.

What was a peaceful protest turned into a riot when protestors and police clashed on Pennsylvania Ave.

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