Pres. Trump addresses world leaders on drug problems, security, trade at UN assembly

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump has taken his call to action against the global drug problem to the chambers of the United Nations on Monday.

About 129 countries at the UN signed on to a US draft pledge to fight the global drug problem.

“Each of you is taking critical steps to combat the global drug problem. As the 2018 world drug report highlights, cocaine and opium production have hit record highs, credibly, and global deaths caused by drug use has increased by 60 percent from the year 2000 to 2015. So in 15 years, it’s gone up 60 percent, which is absolutely terrible,” said Trump.

Trump says his call to action is simple:

“Reduce drug demand. Cut off the supply of illicit drugs. Expand treatment and strengthen international cooperation.”

The president also spoke about trade and security on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

World leaders from Canada and France reacted and pledged their support.

With time running out of the US-imposed deadline of the end of September, and markets reportedly are nervous about the uncertainty of this 1994 pact.

The question is: Can a NAFTA deal be renegotiated in time to save this 1.2 trillion dollars worth in the annual trade?

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