Pres. George H.W. Bush was childhood secret pen-pal to now young adult Filipino

The mystery of George H.W. Bush’s Filipino pen-pal has been solved. Timothy, the recipient of those heartwarming letters from the late president, is happily married with his own family.

Timothy Villalba is now a 25-year-old barangay manager, married, and has a young daughter.

For a decade, bush sponsored Villalba through Compassion International.

It wasn’t until vVllalba’s graduation when he realized that his sponsor was the former president.

Villalba says didn’t understand the letters well, but was happy to get the handwritten letters, saying it inspired him to do well in school while easing his family’s burdens.

The art set that the late president gave him also sparked his creative side. He moonlights as a musician.

While he regrets never meeting his sponsor in person, Villalba hopes the Bushes continue helping people, even if in secret.

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