Pres. Duterte appears in Fil-Am student’s school video project

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has made one Fil-Am boy from California very happy. He granted the wish of 11-year old Andre Gabriel Custodio Esteban for his school project.

Andre is doing a nationality report about the Philippines, which is due in two weeks. He wanted President Duterte to be part of it.

In a handwritten letter dated October 25, he asked for a short video message from the President — nothing how busy the president is.

The 6th grade student at Fresno Adventist Academy in California also said in the letter that he’s a proud Filipino, and really likes Duterte as president.

Andre’s mother, Almyra, posted the letter on Facebook and asked the public for help in sending it to Duterte.

A few days later, Duterte’s special assistant uploaded the video, as requested by the young Fil-Am.

“Good day! I would like to say hello Mrs. Ricchiuti and her students in Fresno Adventist Academy in California, USA — especially to you Andre Esteban. Continue to be a good son and study well and may God bless you and your family, and all of us in this planet earth.”

Andre and his family are beyond ecstatic.

“I feel special and I just want to thank him for making that video, and I thought it wouldn’t happen but it actually did.”

“I feel so grateful that the president took the time out of his very very busy schedule to make a video for my son. It just shows how much of a caring person he is that he would notice just a kid’s simple request and grant it,” said Andre’s mother, Almyra.

Andre wants president Duterte to know that he supports his anti-drug campaign.

His dream is to go to UCLA and study medicine.

“I like that he’s a really hardworking president who wants the Philippines to be drug-free, for the future to be a safer place to live and he’s very humble too.”

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