Power outages, multiple wildfires across the Golden State

Cell phone video taking during the late hours of Thursday, October 10th into the early hours of Friday, October 11th show what California officials are now calling the Saddleridge Fire.

Those in the San Fernando Valley were given mandatory evacuations as high winds push the fire over two freeways — igniting more dry bush.

This is the latest in a number of wildfire reports across the Golden State.

In Moraga, northern California, authorities said residents were evacuated in the middle of the night from over 140 homes. Some were forced to flee in the dark.

The Bonnin family and their neighbors recounted how they were on stand-by to be evacuated.

“It was definitely scary because at school I was talking to a few people and they were all telling me it was so close to their house, but none of their houses got burned down thankfully. And a few of them didn’t sleep they came straight to school.”

“As I was pulling out of my street you could see the flames and see the red glow and I was really scared, and I didn’t know what was happening.”

The Moraga fire was contained by Thursday morning and people were allowed to return to their homes.

However, Moraga along with other cities in the San Francisco area would be without power for nearly 24 hours.

“Because of the unprecedented threat from wildfires and continuing climate change, there are a variety of issues that are occurring in terms of wildfire safety. We are implementing the public safety power shutoffs as a measure to protect the public from any kind of wildfire threat from PG&E equipment,” said Mark Mesesan from PG&E.

Despite the power outage — the Moraga fire along with others still occurred.

According to PG&E, power has been restored to many of its customers as workers are repairing damaged power lines and preventing other transmission lines from being toppled.

Fires continued throughout Northern California like this brushfire in American Canyon and in the San Bruno mountains.

Despite braving California’s wildfire season, families like the Bonnins continue to count their blessings that they still have their homes and lives.

According to the Los Angeles Times, about 100,000 people are under mandatory evacuation due to the Saddleridge Fire that grew up from 60 acres to 4,000 acres overnight.

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