Possible catnap turns into undocumented immigrant ‘tail’

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau
August 2, 2013

BALDWIN PARK, California – A case of curiosity or a catnap that turned into an amazing tale: a furry feline from the Philippines has somehow found her way into the US.

About two weeks ago, animal officials found the cat in a freight container that sailed from the port of Manila to the port of Los Angeles.

Believed to be a stray cat with no owner, no collar or documents, it was malnourished, surviving at least four weeks with no food or water during the 6,000 mile journey across the Pacific Ocean.

“These are homeless cats so they naturally look for areas that are warm and dry. In the case of Pinay that’s probably what happened because we found her in box full of clothing material,” said Dr. Precious Solacito, a senior veterinarian at the LA County Animal Control.

For now, the cat has found care among Filipino veterinarians at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

Several of the staff, including Dr. Solacito, not only helped rehabilitate her but also gave her the name “Pinay”.

“We chose the name Pinay so she would not forget where she came from,” Solacito said in jest, “Or maybe so she would represent us.”
Though she’s recovering smoothly and has since regained some weight, the newly arrived expat cat is still a bit shy.

After Los Angeles County Animal Control officials have given her a check-up and found no diseases, the stowaway kitty is now ready for adoption.

Dr. Solacito said a family that already has cats can better help in Pinay’s transition to domestication.

Anyone interested in adopting Pinay could contact the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.
You may contact Steve Angeles at steve_angeles@abs-cbn.com

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